Allteko Wins Naval Contract and explores Canadian Market


Allteko are very proud to share that we have recently secured our first contract in North America entailing the Supply and Delivery of Naval Seals to Canada.

Allteko are Procurement Experts specialising in the supply of a large range of commodities to the world’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries; which is why we were thrilled to provide Funnel Seal Assemblies for Naval purposes to the Canadian National Defence. At Allteko, we endeavour to always expand our supply capability in line with meeting all of customer requirements and we were happy to supply goods to new industry.

Andrew Holloway, IAC Acoustics ( who manufactured the seals), said:

"Allteko were one of twelve companies enquiring for the job so it is great news for them; they obviously bid the job with the best price and delivery compared to global competitors."

Robert Burns, our customer, said to George who was managing this contract:

“It was a pleasure dealing with you George and perhaps we will have other dealings in the future as well.”

Allteko were extremely pleased with this promising result; and have since increased interest and effort into breaking into the Canadian Oil & Gas Market, by attending conferences and researching potential gaps in the market for Allteko. Furthermore, after this contract, Allteko were placed as an approved supplier of Structural Steel Products to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.