Construction: build on reliability

Allteko are proud to be suppliers to end users in a number of industries. In earning our reputation for reliability, adaptability and affordability, we gained a firm foothold in the Construction & Civil Engineering Sector.

Civil Engineering

Choose from a large range of products:

  • Accommodation
  • Buildings & Portable Buildings
  • Containers
  • Warehouses
  • Linear Drainage Equipment
  • Gratings / Frames
  • Manhole covers
  • Ditch / Channel Supports
  • Piles – Corner Piles, various materials
  • Larsson Sheet
  • Expanded Metal Mesh & Lath
  • Hy-Rib
  • Linear Drainage Systems and Equipment for heavy or light duty, including ditch/channel supports
  • Municipals in steel, ductile iron, and other heavy duty materials that we can meet to your quality requirements (including manhole covers, gully grates and frames).

As you can see on our Pipe product page, we offer a huge range of pipes in different sizes and materials, manufactured to suit order specifications. We supply  high-quality couplings, flange adaptors, manifolds, bends, crosses, bellmouths and ‘Y' pipes, plus a range of pipes to match, including double flange and Tyton (pushfit) pipes. All flanged pipes are capable of withstanding extremely high pressure flows.

Alternatively we offer other pipes suitable for lower pressures, at excellent value-for-money prices. We also offer all types of valves, including on/off, non-return, regulation and ancillaries.

Containers / Portable Buildings

For Containers, Temporary Accommodation and Portable Buildings, Allteko only deal with the best quality and international manufacturers, to help you meet your construction requirement quickly and easily.

Receiving a quote for such products can often take a long time, but using Allteko and our expert contacts can eliminate this common problem and accelerate your job.

Along with temporary building and accommodation provision, Allteko can also offer the supply and project support of Warehouse Material, and Warehouse Construction.


Allteko provide construction materials such as Piles, Larsson Sheet, Expanded Metal Mesh & Lath, and Hy-Rib.

Customised service

The continued and increased supply of Storage and Construction products, including facilities, containers, temporary accommodation, building and temporary buildings, has helped Allteko develop into a reliable source of high quality and bespoke construction requirements.

Allteko regularly provide these products and due to our expert links with manufacturers we are able to offer oustanding prices, quality, and delivery specifically tailored to customer requirements.