HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Allteko recognise the extensive importance that all aspects of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning have on our industrial customers. This is why it gives us great pleasure in being able to offer all material requirements relating to this category. From instrumentation and spare parts to heavy-duty machinery.

Air Coolers and Heaters

We offer complete air coolers for horizontal or roof type application to the petrochemical, gas, chemical and power generation industries.

Air cooler construction comprises:
- Tube bundles including finned tubes of Extruded, Extruded-Serrated, L, LL, KL, G types
- Fans, louvers, plenums and steel structures

Trial assembly of air coolers and associated equipment is always realised. Specialist supervision for start up and commissioning of equipment can also be supplied at customer's request.

Induced draft

Bank of air coolers – Natural Gas Compressor Station

The induced draft unit gives a steady and durable thermal performance due to the protection of the finned surface against wind, rain and snow.

The induced draft ensures better air distribution and less hot air re-circulation as well as reducing noise level.

Forced Draft

Air cooler installed in chemical synthesis plant Synthesis gas air cooler with manifold type headers

The forced draft unit allows an easy access for fans and bundles maintenance, and also ensures a cold airflow to the fans.

Re-Circulation Units

Automatically controlled air cooler louvers

The re-circulation unit prevents freezing or crystallization of cooled fluids by re-circulation of hot air. It is used mainly in cold climates and also as part of a a number of special processes.

Roof Units

Air cooler with tube bundles in roof arrangement

The roof unit is used in low pressure condensers and gives an ideal solution where space is limited. The roof unit ensures low pressure drop of cooled flow

Air Pre- Heaters

Allteko are able to supply air pre-heaters custom built to meet the requirements of the individual project. Used mainly within the power industry, air pre-heaters are to heat the primary and overfire air by use of steam flowing inside finned tubes. Air Pre Heaters can increase boiler efficiency and decrease chimney loss.


  • dimensions - dependent on air-duct
  • intake and outtake chambers - D type
  • aluminium finned tubes - Extruded type
  • tube bundle mounted in the frame fitted on air-duct size
  • mounting in air-duct - flanged or welded
  • medium in tubes at the intake - saturated vapour
  • medium in tubes at the outtake - condensate
  • analytical overpressure - acc. to the Customer requirements
  • analytical temperature - acc. to the Customer requirements
  • air flow rate - acc. to the Customer requirements

Equipment and spares

Further to this heavy-duty machinery, Allteko are proud to offer all supporting equipment and spares; as well as:

  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Blowers
  • Water heaters
  • Filters
  • Fans